PRIME TECH ϴ e-Book Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology – Integration Stages Development

PRIME TECH ϴ e-Book Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology – Integration Stages Development 

My new E-BOOK


Prime (Primal, Primordial) Technology – Integration Stages Development
with a description of tools, methods, strategies for integration of prime tech know how for personal development, family, clan, community, network, culture, nation, corporation and government.
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The Corporate Equation

As described in the introduction os this site, the corporation evolution is played though 9 main pillars and 9 fields of development.

Consider the know how and management field, as well as the human factor field and the field associated to information and technology.

The corp verse, the universe of corporations, is integrated to the human verse and the technoverse (which itself includes a digital versum).

Advanced AI technology, may become key for future, but as well an advanced organizational development, a mutation, that is possible and feasible only for corporations that dedicate themselves to enhance its human field.

The human factor, is the one that limits or expands life and impact, of a corporation, as well as the nature of its development, its behaviour and values.

While AI Tech and Corporate knowledge may become quite advanced and efficient, the intent of corporation is to inlcude human kind as the brick that defines corporative nature.

Other streams of corporate development my prefere to focus on a more controlable development by taking the human factor out of the equationa nd focus on the foundation of corporate development only in AI tech.

It is a question of time, history and events, what will future bring to human kind and which species of corporations, which caste of consciousness, will take over corporate universe.

Corporate Mutation

The corporation, perceived as an organism, may mutate, and by developing itself, may develop new functions, enhance behaviour, advance its values, aims, goals or culture, procedures or technology.

How corporate mutation helps the world become more peaceful, sustainable, human rights and ethics based, more consciouss and responsible, capable to care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage?

Corporation = Organism ( Corporation Zoology & Etology)

The corporation as an organism, breathes, evolves, perceives, thinkings, behaves, respond, and changes, according to own pre set definitions and response-ability regarding the environment and time line unfoldings

Consider the environment as culture and local governments and other organisms alive at the same territiry

As an organism, described as a collective of individuals behaving all together, creating the self expression of an organizational entity, the corporation may, according to case, develop a behaviour that follows a particular pattern or complecity, which if identified, may be also observed in other similar organisms.

The Zoology and Etology of corporations is one of the classification projects of the Prime Corporation

The Prime Corporation

The Prime Corporation as an organization dedicated to peace, family, culture, life care and heritage.

As an organization, its development process unfolds according to aims, goals, vision, mission, philosophy, culture, values, strategy , milestones and plan; as a human based organization, Development process awareness, communication, collaboration, cocreation, perception, decision making, response-ability, tangibility, emotional self-management, process management and time management create the corporation as a consciouss entity (based on collective and individual conscoiusness); as a digital and techno organization, software, information and system management, management, process and organization support systems, technology integration and innovation, maximize efficiency and enhance performance.

A prime corporation perceives itself as a sentient collective organism, which by being pure in its nature, dedicates itself to evolve, and to increase own complexity and simplicity according to own consciousness and self awareness, codex.

By applying prime tehcnology indicators, along evaluation on consciousness, self-awareness, responsability and tangibility capacity, it has been possible to identify several classes of corporations, and organizations, which classified according to their behaviour, collective coherence, there for, as a result, a new botanic, etology and mineraly, appears, as a an alternative perception on what a corporation in modern culture is and what could become.

The prime culture suggests a new form of corporation, responsible, self-aware, self-conscious, and on continues self-transformation or mutation, towards perfection. A more efficient, sustainable, responsible and evolved corporation, may play a pivotal role in the future of human kind, human species survival, global culture, local development, society, government, individual, family and community education.

May the corporation play the role of peace, family, culture and life care taker, of heritage creator.


The Prime Class of Consciouss Scientient Organisms