In order to set teams, function and responsibility assigned to Prime Corporation, a Ranking is suggested.

The ranking suggests abilities ( 9 Belts), capabilities ( The 9 KI), Stages of the development ( 9 Stages ) and Responsibility capacity ( 9 Rank levels).

The Prime Yoga, Prime Do, and Prime Love ranking are the same as the Prime Tech ranking.

Here the 9  Rank Levels – responsibility roles:

  • 9+) Prime Master, Odin Theta, Share Holders
  • 9) Prime Masters Council, Share Holders
  • 8) Prime Masters. Stage 9 of capacity for tangible application, Holding/Group Board
  • 7) Council of Grand Masters, Corporation Management Board
  • 6) Grand Master, Stage 8 of capacity for tangible application Corporation  CEOs, CFOs, COOs
  • 5) Masters Assembly, Area Managers
  • 4) Master, Stage 7 of capacity for tangible application, Area Manager
  • 3) Self-master Assembly, Teams
  • 2) Self-master, Stage 6 of capacity for tangible application, Team members
  • 1) Self-master Apprentice, Stage 5 of capacity for tangible application, Assistants
  • 0) U-XI D-XI,  Stage 4 of capacity for tangible application, Interns
  • Candidates, Stage 0-3  of capacity for tangible application, Candidates to Interns


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